Advertiser and Advertising Agency Contract

Agency Appointment Letter in Foreign Country

Agreement Adding Silent Partner to Existing Partnership

Agreement between domestic and foreign to cooperate in management, marketing and technological development

Assignment for Patent

Assignment for Trademark

Assignment of Rents by Lessor with Repurchase Agreement

Bulk Sales Agreement

Business Consultant Agreement

Clinical Study Agreement

Clinical Trial Research Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement (form 2)

Consignment Sales Agreement

Consignment Sales Agreement (form 2)

Consumer Loan Agreement

Consulting Agreement

Contract for Purchase of Residence of Real Estate

Contract for Sale and Purchase of Property

Contractor Agreement

Copyright Transfer Agreement

Employment Agreement 1

Employment Agreement 2

Employment Application

Employee Appraisal Form 

Exclusive License

Guaranty of Equipment Lease

Independent Contractor Agreement

Installment Land Contract

Installment Sale and Security Agreement

Lease Agreement -Automobile

Lease Agreement -Construction Equipment

Lease Agreement -Furniture

Lease Assignment

License Agreement 1

Manufacturing Agreement 1

Manufacturing Agreement 2

Manufacturing Agreement 3

Marketing and Services Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement 1

Offer to Purchase Business, including Goodwill

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement -Form to Act as one of Limited Partnership

Partnership Agreement -General

Partnership Purchase Agreement

Patent License Agreement 1

Personal Property Purchase and Sell Agreement

Pledge of Shares

Power of Attorney for Legal

Power of Attorney for Patent

Power of Attorney for Trademark

Power of Attorney for Trademark Ap. & Legal

Production Agreement -Television

Promissory Note

Proxy 1

Publishing Agreement

Purchase Agreement -Asset

Sale of Property

Sales Representative Agreement 1

Security Agreement

Software Distribution Agreement

Software License Agreement -End User

Software License Agreement -Source Code

Stock Purchase Agreement 1

Stock Purchase Agreement 2

Stock Purchase Agreement 3

Video Distribution Agreement





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