Stock Purchase Agreement

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_____________________________________, stock owner, and _________________________________, stock purchaser, hereby enter into this contract for agreement for sale and purchase of stock, having the following terms and conditions:

The stock to be sold and purchased is _________ # of shares of ________ class stock of _______________________ corporation, which is incorporated in _______ state.

Stock owner states and warrants that said stock is owned in full with no outstanding liens, assignments and/or assessment by him/her and is written upon the books of _______________ corporation.

The consideration given by stock purchaser for purchase of said stock is as follows: ____________ dollars.


The amount of stock to be purchased is, ____________ #of shares.

Payment of said consideration is to be made within ____ # of days of the date of this Stock Purchase Agreement and is to be made in the following method, _________________ (certified check, money order, wire transfer, etc.).

In exchange for receipt of said consideration, stock owner hereby agrees to execute any and all papers and documents necessary to affect a transfer and assignment of said stock to stock purchaser, his heirs, assigns and/or representatives, within ______ # of hours of receipt of said consideration.

Any dispute arising incident to, out of, or regarding, this Stock Purchase Agreement shall be submitted to ____________________, Inc., of Georgia, for resolution by binding arbitration. In so agreeing, Stock Owner and Stock Purchaser expressly waive their right to a jury trial on these issues and claims and acknowledge that the finding of the neutral presiding over the arbitration shall be binding upon them as if ruled upon by a court of law and shall be enforceable in any court having jurisdiction over the same.


So agreed, this ____ day of _______ month, 20.



Stock Owner



Stock Purchaser 


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