Power of Attorney (for Legal Action)

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KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that we, ., address:


(a corporation duly organized under the laws of                                   ) do hereby nominate and appoint MR. and/or MR. .. of .Company of .. address ., to be our true and lawful agents and attorneys for us and in our name to take all steps to discourage and eliminate imitations, counterfeits, infringements of and other wrongful acts concerning our tradenames, commercially utilised representations and design products, trademarks, service marks, certification marks, collective marks, copyrights, patents, labels, designs, color combinations, containers, packings, markings, advertisement, letters, wordings and things of the same sort used in connection with our business by us or by our commercial representatives and in general to protect our business from wrongful action or actions in bad faith and to obtain the cancellation or assignment of any trademark or patent and for these purposes to inform others of rights which we may have, including the power to appear on our behalf at government offices or elsewhere, to file trademark and patent oppositions, counterstatements and appeals, to lodge complaints with the police and any government authority, to join with the public prosecution authorities as plaintiff in legal proceedings, to institute,  conduct and defend against criminal and civil proceedings in courts, to demand and sue for damages, to appeal, withdraw, compromise and settle all such proceedings, to receive moneys which may be due us under the premises as well as documents and things whether from courts, government offices or any other persons,  and for the aforesaid purposes in our name to sign and lodge all papers and writings which they in their aforesaid capacity may deem necessary or desirable, to alter and amend such documents, to appoint a substitute or substitutes under them for the performance of any or all of the aforesaid acts, and the same at pleasure to remove,  and generally to do all such acts, deeds and things as they in their discretion think fit for the carry out of these presents.


And we hereby confirm and ratify whatsoever our said agents, attorneys,  substitute or substitutes may lawfully do by virtue of these presents.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have hereunto set our hands and seal (if required)  this                 day of                           ,  200    .


(Seal)                                                                By:                                                      

                                                                               (                                                 )


I,  hereby certify that the above firm is a juristic person duly organized under the  laws  of                                        and that the signature above is that of                                                            , position                                        , who is duly authorized to sign on behalf of the above mentioned firm.


(Seal)                                                                ______________________                 


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