Transfer and Naturalization

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Suggestion about the application to Thai Naturalization

By virtue of the power under the regulation not concerning the case of type 48 issued under the provision of the naturalization Act B.E.2508 end the strict regulation of the Ministry of Interior about the Thai naturalization dated 2nd September 1969, the applicant of Thai naturalization must have the following qualification.

  1. The applicant must have his domicile in Thailand continuously for 10 years and 40 years of age but if younger must have other evidences such as having a Thai wife with children born in Thailand or is a graduate in the university or college with Bachelor Degree level.

  2. Have a secured profession and in the event of an employee or staffs must have a salary of Baht 5,000.- up per month.

  3. Have no convict record except through carelessness or minor punishment but not more than 2 times.

  4. Can speak and understand Thai language.


Evidences required for submitting with naturalized application

  1. One Copy of household registration of whole family showing name of the applicant, wife and all children

  2. 12 x 2-1/2"size Photographs of the applicant, male dressed in man's suit or Royal designed coat while female can use decent dress.

  3. Photocopy of the Income Tax Receipt Por. Ngor. Dor. go or gl for the year ending 1989-1990-1991 or the submit certificate of Tax payment at source per Section 50 Bis of The Revenue Code as evidence.

  4. Receipt, or acknowledgement letter for the donation to the Public Utilities as much as you can.

  5. Receipt of school fee or certificate confirming the study of your children as evidence or if your children have been graduated, to submit a photocopy of the School Certificate or Diploma for each child.

  6. One Photocopy of the birth certificate of each child or photocopy of the I/D Card of each child for front and back page and if there is any change in the name or surname, to submit photocopy of such documents also.

  7. One Photocopy of the marriage certificate (Kor.Ror.3) In the event of having a Thai wife, you must register your marriage with her before Submitting your application.

  8. Photocopy of the Trade Registration, Commercial Registration and Certified Certificate from the Trade Registration Department. (One copy of each available document is required)

  9. Certified Statement of your bank account or photocopy of your Saving Account book on the page showing your name and the last page of your deposit account.

  10. In case of employee or official, the company, firm or office to issue a letter of confirmation stating his/her position and monthly salary and to address the from the Inspector, Dept.1, Division 3, Criminal Investigation Police and to attach also photocopy of Trade Registration, Commercial Certificate, Certified letter from the Dept of Commercial Registration (Sign by the person authorized to sign on behalf of the company).

  11. One Photocopy of work permit (page 2-3-4-5) and any other works as stated thereon. Moreover work permit must stated position, profession or vocation, type of work, Permitted working area, Employer's name or the working place must correspond with present profession.

  12. Application of Thai Naturalization (Por.Chor.1) page 4 with signatures of two guarantors of Thai Nationality and both guarantors must give evidences to the Investigators about the Assets and conduct of the Naturalized person.

  13. One photocopy of wife's I.D. Card (front & back)

  14. Two photocopies of Alien Certificate on every recorded pages.

  15. One photocopy of I.D. Card of each guarantor (front & back)

  16. One submission date, the applicant must bring along Alien Certificate, work permit and copy of original Household Certificate.



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