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  • To Acquire Thai Nationality

  • To Apply for a Thai Birth Certificate

  • Most Questions Asked on Thai Citizenship 

  • Thai Marriage Registration

  • Marriage in Thailand

  • Thai Death Registration 

  • Document Legalization

  • New Immigration Information


To Acquire Thai Nationality

According to the Thai Nationality Act (2535 B.E.), it is possible for a person born to either father or mother of Thai nationality, within or outside Thailand, to acquire Thai nationality.


To Apply for a Thai Birth Certificate

1.       A child born to a Thai parent outside Thailand is entitled to acquire Thai nationality; the parents can apply for a birth certificate for their child at the Royal Thai Embassy in the country of birth.

2.       The following documents are required in order to obtain a Thai birth certificate :

a.       Certificate of Birth or Notification of Live Birth in Hebrew which can be translated into English at the Embassy (translation fee is NIS 30)

b.       2 copies of the marriage certificate of the parents

c.       2 copies of the passport of the father and the passport of the mother (either two Thai passports or one Israeli and one Thai passport)

d.       2 copies of the identity cards of the father and of the mother


The Embassy needs 5 working days to issue a Thai birth certificate.



Most Questions Asked on Thai Citizenship



If a person of Thai nationality is married to a foreigner and has acquired his/her spouse's nationality, does that person lose his/her Thai nationality?


According to the Thai law, the person still hold Thai nationality, unless he/she wishes to renounce to his/her Thai nationality by declaring his/her intention to the competent authority, or his/her Thai nationality is revoked by the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand.



Can a person of Thai nationality, who has previously renounced his/her nationality, recover his/her Thai nationality?


A person is entitled to apply for recovery of Thai nationality by filing an application to the Consul.



Can the non-Thai spouse of a Thai citizen apply for Thai nationality?


Even though the spouse of a Thai national is a citizen of a foreign country, he/she can apply for the Thai nationality to the Embassy of Thailand.

All relevant documents attached to the application must be certified by designated authorities.

Documents issued by the Government of a foreign country is to be examined and certified by designated authorities.

If the document is in a foreign language besides English, it must be translated into Thai, then examined and certified by the designated authorities.

If any of the attached document is a copy, it must be certified as true copy by the designated authorities.


Marriage Registration

The following documents are needed :

  • 1 Photocopy of a Thai passport

  • 1 Photocopy of a Thai identity card

  • The certificate of divorce is required for the person who had married before.

A Thai certificate of marriage can be completed by the Embassy within five working days.


Marriage in Thailand


The following documents are required for a Israeli to marry a Thai national in Thailand:

  1. A birth certificate.

  2. Certificates of residence, of nationality and of civil status.

  3. A certificate certifying that he/she is not married ("certificat de celibataire").

  4. In case the Israeli national was previously married, a proof that he/she is no longer married.

  5. A certificate of good character ("certificat de bonne vie et moeurs").

  6. An attestation from the employer, a bank statement OR a declaration about monthly income.

  7. The names and addresses of TWO witnesses in Israel and photocopies of their identity cards.

  8. If the Israeli national is under 18 years old, he/she must provide a letter of consent by his/her parents/guardians.



  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  2. The Royal Thai Embassy (NIS 90 for each document signed).


  • Once the Israeli national is in Thailand, he/she has to contact the Israeli   Embassy in Bangkok

  • Based on the above-mentioned documents, the Israeli Embassy will issue two new documents (in English).

  • These two documents must be translated into Thai.

  • Contact the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (Legalization Service, Kimpo Building, 3rd floor, Muang Thong Thani, Chaengwattana Road in Nonthaburi, tel. 02-503 45 39) in order to have the translation documents legalized.

  • Marriage can take place at any Thai City Hall (Amphoe).

  • The couple should obtain for the marriage certificate and a copy of the marriage registration book (both in Thai).

  • Have these two marriage documents translated into English.

  • Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs again to have the translation of marriage documents legalized.


Death Registration


The following documents are required

  • Death certificate legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

  • A translation in Thai of the certificate.

  • ID card or passport of the deceased.


Document Legalization

  1. The person presenting commercial documents to be legalized at the Royal Thai Embassy (the "Applicant"), must be authorized to do so by their  company in the form of a letter in English, on the company's headed notepaper, and signed by a responsible person of the company (not the applicant). A copy of the identity document of the person signing this company's letter must also be attached.

  2. These documents must firstly be authenticated  by a Public Notary, and then the Public Notary's authenticity must be confirmed by the seal of the Ministry of Justice or

  3. The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must then stamp these documents, after the seal of the Ministry of Justice.

  4. One set of Copies of these documents must be provided for the Embassy's use.

  5. The applicant must fill in the Embassy's application form in English and provide a copy of their identity document.

  6. Fees are NIS 30 for each document signed and allocated a unique reference number by the Embassy.

  7. Allow up to three working days for the completion of the Embassy's procedure.

  8. All documents for use in Thailand must carry the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy is only permitted to legalize documents which carry the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* Any documents concerned with medical or veterinary products, usually a Certificate of Free Sale, will be stamped by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will not require a Notary's signature or the seal of the Ministry of Justice.



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