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Calculate the monthly and semi-annual monthly mortgage payments based default values available to foreigners in Thailand on the basis of Principal, Interest and Term.

1. Mortgage Term => Enter the number of years will you run the mortgage;

2. Balloon Payout Year (if any) => Should run concurrently with the Mortgage term if no value is entered;

3. Interest Rate => Annual Percentage Rate;

4. Principal Value => Borrowed amount;

5. Down Payment => Amount to be deducted from the Principal borrowed as a percentage;

1. Mortgage in Years =

10 Years is max. term by most of Thai Banks

2. Balloon Payout Sum (optional) =

Within the Mortgage life span

3. Yearly Interest Rate (%) =

MLR%  (Most of Interest Rate is MLR + 0.5% to 1%)

4. Principal Amount =

No separators ( . ,)

5. Down Payment (%) =

Thai banks lend a maximum of 70-80 % principal




Down Payment Required =

Mortgage Principal =

Monthly Payments =

Balloon Payout Amount on Mortgage =


This is guidelines for financing "Freehold" landed property in Thailand. Similar guidelines have been purported to be offered through the Siam Commercial Bank, locally in Phuket. For all intents and purposes the information below should only be used as a guideline for candidates who wish to explore the possibility of financing a property purchase in Thailand.



Loan Quantum: Up to 70 % of the purchase price. (Max US $ 600,000 / Min. US $60,000)

Loan Term: 10 Years

Currency: SGD, USD, EUR, JPY, HKD and GBP

Interest Rate: SG Prime Rate / US Prime + .5% / EU Prime + 1% / JP Prime + 1.25% / GB Prime + 1.5%

Repayment: Principal and interest is by monthly installment and to commence one month from the date of the disbursement of the loan.

Loan Draw down: The loan shall be draw down only upon payment by the borrower of the difference between the purchase price and the loan amount, subject to completion of loan documents and fulfillment of the conditions precedent.

Security to be pledged:

1. Legal Mortgage of Property Financed;

2. Pledge of Borrowers Shares;

3. Personal Guarantee.

Prepayment: Prepayment of the loan is allowed subject to payment of 1.5% flat on the loan amount to be prepaid.

Processing Fee: There is a processing fee of US $ 1,750 which is payable in 2 stages. US $150 is payable on the submission of the application of the loan (non-refundable) and a further US $1,600 payable upon acceptance of the Bank's letter of offer.

Amendment Fee: Additional non refundable fee of US $120 shall be imposed for reprocessing of the application if there is any amendment to the loan request after it has been approved.

Expenses: All expenses such as legal and mortgage costs, valuations and fire insurance premiums etc... shall be borne by the borrower.

Documents required for application:

1. Completed of Mortgage Loan Application form;

2. Copy of Identification card or Passport;

3. Signed Copy of Sales and Purchase Agreements;

4. Employer's Letter Addressed to Bangkok Bank confirming position, years of service and remuneration;

5. Bank Reference addressed to Bangkok Bank confirming bank relationship and conduct of account;

6. Last 6 months bank statements;

7. Last 2 years Income Tax Returns;

8. Credit Bureau Report from country of residence;

9. Last 3 years Company Balance Sheet. (if Self Employed)


Note: Approval of loan is subject to the evaluation of applicant's financial standing and repayment ability.


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